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  • As a former bench scientist, I find it exciting to work on projects that involve cutting-edge technologies and breakthrough therapies that have a direct clinical impact. I am able to leverage my research expertise by providing scientific and analytical insight into the development of business strategies that help our clients tackle challenging problems.

    Joanna Rys

  • At Putnam, my role varies by project – but deep strategic analysis, laser focus on our clients’ goals, and sharp yet down-to-earth colleagues are all constants.

    Colleen Sadin

  • Putnam Partners average 15 years of industry experience


  • My role is exciting because it allows me to take on a wide range of different responsibilities from performing in-depth data analysis, to helping develop hypotheses and storylines for the overall project, to manage the workstreams of newer members of the team.

    Yuanfei Wang

  • At Putnam, I get to leverage my in-depth knowledge of life sciences and my business acumen to tackle exciting and challenging problems within the healthcare industry, while working alongside brilliant individuals with a passion for problem solving.

    Swathi Srivatsa

    Senior Consultant
  • I feel fortunate for the opportunity that Putnam has afforded me to help solve intellectually stimulating problems related to innovative pharma therapies across a wide range of therapeutic areas. The hard and soft skills that Putnam allows you to build and hone right from the beginning are indispensable.  

    Rachita Rana

    Senior Consultant
  • Putnam provides an incredible breadth of exposure to the challenges facing healthcare industry players, which our teams tackle with deep conceptual understanding and thoughtful problem structuring. Working alongside intelligent, hardworking colleagues drives both project success and individual growth.

    Jim Fitzgerald

    Senior Consultant
  • Scott Briggs

    Senior Consultant
  • 91% of Putnam employees have worked on a case looking at global markets


  • Working at Putnam, we get to tackle the biopharma industry’s most exciting challenges. No two projects are alike, which means that our work is always stimulating and we never stop learning. I am continually impressed by my colleagues, who bring enthusiasm and passion to everything they do.

    Thomas Marder

    Senior Consultant
  • Since 2000, more than 1/4 of Putnam Associates who have gone on to MBAs have attended HBS


  • At Putnam, I am constantly being challenged in new and exciting ways. Each project expands my knowledge of the healthcare industry and enables me to grow my skills from both a scientific and business perspective, while working alongside truly outstanding colleagues.

    Alicia DeFrancesco

  • Putnam is a fantastic place where everyone cares deeply about each other and the success of the team. As a Life Sciences Consultant, I’m often the scientific expert on my case team. I’ve leveraged my background experience and contributed from day one while learning new consulting and business skills.

    Mariah Hanley

  • Coming from a business background, I love the immense exposure Putnam gives me across the life science and healthcare industries. I enjoy working in a collaborative environment with smart, fun, dedicated colleagues with diverse backgrounds, as we solve complex issues for our clients.

    Dipti Kuppalli

  • Simran Madan

  • Harry Sklavounos

  • Hannah Cabot

  • Putnam allows me the opportunity to work with bright, talented individuals every day on solving problems for the leaders in the life science industry. I really enjoy working alongside professionals that push me and continue to help me develop in my career.

    Shafat Hossain

  • Every day at Putnam we immerse ourselves within the healthcare and business worlds in order to help tackle the challenges our clients are facing, providing unparalleled opportunities for professional growth. To be able to work with such motivated and intelligent colleagues makes engaging work even more rewarding.

    Erin Mullins

  • 77% of Putnam projects are serving clients who have trusted us with important projects 5 + years


  • Putnam offers an unparalleled intellectual experience – we are constantly engaged and thinking critically– alongside exceptional people. At Putnam, we learn not one new thing every day, but a wealth of ideas ranging from intricate healthcare dynamics to strategic business approaches.

    Skye Aresty

  • Aaron Dolor

  • Putnam employees volunteer their time at over 24 different charitable organizations


  • Vicky Wang

  • At Putnam, I utilize my scientific background and critical thinking skills to help our teams provide meaningful solutions for our clients. It is extremely rewarding to team up with such high-caliber individuals to make an impact at the cutting-edge of the healthcare industry.

    Brandt Nichols

  • Lily Katz

  • Putnam has completed cases in over 35 therapeutic areas


  • At Putnam, I’ve enjoyed working on a variety of global projects across multiple therapeutic areas within the life science industry. Small teams and mentors create a great culture with numerous opportunities to contribute, learn, and take on more responsibility.

    Liz DiCesare

  • Eric Rodrigo

  • Putnam is a unique place where I have the opportunity to collaborate with wonderful colleagues and friends to help clients develop targeted and strategic insights. The company has a vibrant, supportive culture that has made coming to work every single day enjoyable and thought-provoking.

    Richard Wang

  • Putnam projects are intellectually stimulating and involve work alongside driven colleagues with innovative products in the rapidly evolving therapeutics landscape, creating an environment of constant learning and development.

    Lorenz Ruhl

  • John Syme

  • Putnam has served 19 of the top 20 global biopharmaceutical companies since 2010


  • I develop and promote best practices and standards for Putnam’s primary market research. I really enjoy working with our teams to find creative solutions to their research challenges.

    Brian Sharkey

    Director of Market Research
  • Putnam has allowed me to perfectly juxtapose my interests in business with my background in the sciences. I’m not only able to gain new strategic insights and skills, but expertly hone them with the support of incredibly talented colleagues from a diverse array of disciplines.

    Leah Huiting

    Life Sciences Consultant
  • It is extremely rewarding being part of a team of talented colleagues and partners who are invested in the growth and well-being of our clients. I enjoy facing exciting and interesting challenges with our capable team.

    Carrie Hui Mingalone

    Life Sciences Consultant

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