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Sylvaine Barbier

Principal, RWE & Biostatistics

Sylvaine heads the data analytics within the VPA team at Putnam and also oversees RWE projects. She earned her MSc in Business Intelligence from the University of Lyon, France, and HEC Montreal, Canada, before completing a research-oriented MSc in Biostatistics.

After consulting for the pharmaceutical industry in Paris, Sylvaine spent over 7 years in South-East Asia in public institutions, then integrated WHO/IARC. She joined Putnam in 2020. Throughout her career, Sylvaine gained exposure to a diverse range of statistical methodologies and therapeutic areas. Her work has resulted in numerous publications and practical applications in real-world settings. In recent years, Sylvaine’s focus has been on evidence synthesis and analysis of claims databases. Her projects have involved the analysis of large and complex datasets and the development of innovative analytical methods to extract meaningful insights from this data.