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Asset Development.

Maximize the potential of your asset.

What we do.

Our global medical team brings deep industry expertise, scientific rigor, and proven frameworks to support you in developing your asset.

We leverage our knowledge of clinical trials, RWD/RWE, EMR and claims data, HEOR, and country requirements to ensure every asset has a fit-for-purpose plan for success.

How we help.

Through systematic scientific rigor and analysis using proven frameworks, we can help you develop a robust asset development plan by:

  • Determining indication and endpoint prioritization
  • Identifying registrational pathways and frameworks
  • Providing companion diagnostic considerations
  • Assessing the medical landscape and patient journey
  • Aligning on a scientific narrative
  • Providing medical input into target product profiles
  • Analyzing medical evidence gaps
  • Generating integrated medical evidence plans
  • Creating lifecycle management plans

Get to know some of our experts.

Lori Klein, PharmD

Partner, Medical and Scientific Affairs Practice Lead

Erika Ray, PhD


Ryan Wyrtzen


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