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Integrated Insights.

Get the right answers to the right questions.

What we do.

Our approach emphasizes rigor from start to finish, delivering thoughtful, fact-based answers to your most critical questions.

We bring a hypothesis-driven approach that uses a range of primary and secondary market research sources and approaches to deliver actionable insights tailored to your specific needs with market context.

Our strong relationships with in-country partners enable us to support nearly all life science markets and understand the nuances that impact insight gathering and methodological design. Our life science integrated insights expertise supports our core offerings.

Our life science integrated insights expertise supports our core offerings:

  • Research methodology design and application: Customized approach to each project anchored in a deep understanding of audiences and feasibility, the best research methodology (quantitative and qualitative) for your strategic needs, and a patient-centered research approach
  • Fieldwork execution: Proprietary panel of stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem, including HCPs/treaters, patients/caregivers, allied healthcare stakeholders/non-treaters, and payers
  • Robust analysis and data QC: Rigorous measures ensure robustness and validation of output
  • Synthesis and output: Maximized insights coupled with strategic recommendations

Our integrated insights pillars.

Global – Research in 50+ markets.

Diverse – Breadth of insights experience in therapeutic areas, disease subtypes, and stakeholder types.

Custom – Fit-for-purpose project methodology ensures focus on the right questions for the right answers.

Comprehensive – 200+ projects per year with the methodology to fit client needs. Qualitative, quantitative, and hybrid.

Functional expertise.

We are experts at identifying, collecting, and analyzing the appropriate insights to inform confident decision making.

Our Integrated Insights Center of Excellence lead.

Brian Sharkey

Sr. Director of Insights

About Brian.

Brian leads Putnam’s primary integrated insights department and insights service offering development. He provides methodology and design expertise to Putnam case teams and operates in a project leadership and client development role. Brian has experience conducting research with stakeholders (both HCPs and Patients) across various therapeutic areas, using both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Brian also has deep experience with advanced quantitative methodologies (conjoint, segmentation, key drivers, agile research execution, etc.). Before joining Putnam, Brian’s research experience focused on innovation and product development for clients across industries including, medical device, diagnostics, tech, aerospace, automotive, and CPG.

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