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Diversity, equity & inclusion.

At Putnam, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are tenets of our core values. We strive to create a culture and environment that fosters belonging and authenticity across all levels and values individuals for their skills, experience, diverse backgrounds, and unique perspectives. Collectively, DEI serves as a foundational element of who we are and how we work with our clients and with each other.

DEI fellowship program.

Putnam’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Fellowship Program empowers employees to take an active role in advancing our firm’s commitment to DEI.

The DEI Fellow reports directly to senior leadership and works centrally with different business units in the firm to organize and advance DEI strategic initiatives.

The goals of the fellowship are to:

  • Continuously develop and advance our commitment to DEI
  • Ensure diverse, global talent has a home and voice at Putnam
  • Educate employees on topical issues to foster inclusivity for all

Emily Vega

Senior Associate Consultant

DEI fellow spotlight.

“Diversity is essential to creating an inclusive and welcoming work environment. I intend to further Putnam’s commitment to fostering diversity in backgrounds, identity and thought.”

Our affinity groups.

Putnam’s affinity groups provide a space for employees and allies who share a common interest in advancing DEI. Our affinity groups provide a platform for employees to:

  • Discuss unique experiences at Putnam
  • Brainstorm and propose solutions to advance DEI
  • Create equal opportunities for individuals regardless of background
  • Host, organize, and participate in events centered on DEI

Joanna Rys, Partner

Pride at Putnam


“It’s essential for us to create an environment that’s fulfilling for LGBTQ+ community members and where everyone feels comfortable being their authentic self from day one.”

Ankit Patel, Partner

Asian Affinity Group


“The AAG serves as the forum to safely express and discuss the challenges and experiences specific to the Asian community. Our overarching goal is to foster an environment within the broader workplace to honor, celebrate, and embody the diverse backgrounds and multiculturalism at Putnam.”

Emily Healey, Director, Talent Acquisition

Women’s Affinity Group


“When we think about the main objective or goal in creating the Women’s Affinity group – we first wanted to provide all the women at Putnam resources and a platform to feel empowered, not only for themselves and their career, but to make an impact on their colleagues, the firm, and our clients.”

Sean O'Malley, Partner

Working Parents Affinity Group


“We are continually striving to nurture an environment where new parents, parents with older children, and aspiring parents can flourish and grow at work while managing family needs. We want to provide a place where working parents can thrive at work and at home.”

John Gordon, Partner

Jewish Affinity Group


“We are proud to have a forum that provides a resource for members to take part in important Jewish milestones and events throughout the year together, as a well as a platform that allows for education, discussion and celebration.”