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A strategic thought partner for your AI journey.

Our Approach.

With a depth of expertise in supporting critical decision making, we take a people-centric approach to solving your challenges, built on bringing together solutions across three pillars:

1. Strategic expertise in the life sciences
2. Clinical and scientific understanding
3. Analytics and AI capabilities and solutions

What we do.

Our human expertise has always allowed us to deliver exceptional and innovative outcomes, and it always will. But today, we’ve embraced the power of AI to complement what our teams have to offer to create an even deeper impact for clients. With a thoughtful, experimental approach to this technology and its limitations, we’re strategically unlocking the tremendous value of AI to support our clients in identifying and prioritizing use cases through the intelligence of our people.

AI enables us to:

  • Generate market scans
  • Uncover expert stakeholder insights
  • Build custom solutions
  • Synthesize real-world data (RWD) and broader datasets
  • Analyze insights

The Value of AI, The Value of People: Perspectives from Putnam’s CEO.

Hear what our CEO, Remco op den Kelder has to share on AI – Putnam’s approach, client challenges, 2024 predictions, and more.

Find your way with Navigator.AI

A data platform that combines human expertise and AI-driven insights, so our consultants can support you with faster strategic decision making when bringing your drugs to market.

Case studies.

See how we’re bringing together the intelligence of our people and the intelligence behind AI to help clients make strategic, confident decisions and develop innovative solutions that maximize patient outcomes.

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