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Ravi Potluri

Partner, HEOR & RWE

Based in the New York office, Ravi heads the US HEOR and RWE teams within Putnam and specializes in real world data analytics and pharmacoeconomic modelling.

He has led 200+ projects in these areas over the last 10 years, spread over multiple therapy areas, including oncology, immunology, CNS and infectious diseases, and has more than 100 publications to his credit in leading journals and conferences.

Ravi’s real-world data studies have focused on treatment patterns, safety and outcomes analysis, epidemiological analysis, adherence/persistence studies and healthcare resource and cost burden. He has also led the development of several pharmacoeconomic models, oncology disease models and infectious disease epidemiological models. Ravi has a reputation for hands-on involvement in project management and believes in delivering work of the highest quality.

He has an MBA from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, and a B.Tech. from Indian Institute of Technology Varanasi.