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Mohan Chukkapalli


Mohan Chukkapalli is part of our Commercial practice, focused on early commercialization. He works with the India (Gurgaon)-based team, although he is based in New Jersey. He comes to us with an academic background in Pharmacy with a bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Kakatiya University and a Master’s in Pharmaceutical Marketing from the University of Mississippi, as well as a tenured career in strategy consulting. Over the last decade, Mohan was an Executive Director at SmartAnalyst Inc, and spent the last year at Envision Pharma. His functional focus has been disease area strategy, early-stage asset/indication prioritization, life-cycle management, pre-launch competitive assessment, positioning, and BD&L valuation. Prior to consulting, Mohan spent 10+ years on the client side working in business development and strategic marketing at King Pharmaceuticals (Pfizer), Imclone Systems Inc (now Eli Lilly), Novo Nordisk, Hoffmann-La Roche and Bayer.