Our Established Product Strategy supports clients across the globe in maximizing product and franchise performance for inline brands. Our broad project portfolio spans every therapeutic category, and we have served many of the largest or fastest growing products of the past decade. We partner with client teams to design solutions with the strategic goal in mind, by re-defining the problem for the client in novel ways, and ensuring the right questions are asked so the answers lead to impact

  • Understanding and identifying market opportunities
  • Re-invigorating growth to realize full potential
  • Tracking performance and pursuing evolving opportunities in dynamic markets
  • Planning for and defending against competitive interests
  • Matching portfolios and engagement strategies with the needs of diverse set HCP stakeholders
  • Designing lifecycle management strategies

Supporting our Established Product Strategy is Functional Expertise in Key Disciplines

Data Strategy, Analytics, & Visualization

Investigating the WHAT around market dynamics

Primary Market Research

Investigating the WHY around customer decision making

Promotional/Engagement Strategy

Understanding the WHO and HOW around opportunity


  • Brand plan development (strategic objective setting, tactical plans)
  • Opportunity evaluations & growth strategies
  • Brand performance and opportunity tracking (including ATUs for HCP, patient, payer)
  • Dynamic market landscape evolution
  • Competitor entrant defense strategy
  • Competitor strategic simulations
  • Physician and patient segmentation
  • Stakeholder promotional and engagement strategy
  • Rigorous demand assessments
  • Market modeling and forecasting
  • Brand lifecycle strategies
  • New indication assessment and launch
  • Franchise/complementary asset positioning

Putnam Case Example

Goals & Strategic Framework
  • Competitive landscape was mapped and alignment was generated on key set of competitors and clinical events that were most likely to shape future treatment landscape
  • TPPs were developed for these events to test in research
Evidence & Insight
  • In-depth quantitative primary research was fielded with hem-oncs globally (US, 5EU, JP) to quantify the impact of each novel regimen and clinical event on the treatment paradigm
  • Key areas of investigation included regimen shares across patient segments and lines of therapy, regimen sequencing dynamics, and therapy preferences across key patient types / characteristics
  • Final strategic recommendations were made around the relative threat and opportunity that each of these future events would pose to the client’s franchise within this hematology indication

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