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Growth strategy in an evolving market: Market sizing and strategic planning

The challenge

Our client, the VP of a core product franchise at a top biopharma company needed to identify key opportunities for their business and capture a single unified viewpoint on market dynamics and evolving strategic opportunities.

Our solution

Our team leveraged HCP quant, qual, patient chart audits, and real-world data to complete a comprehensive Market Map of the current and future environment to:

  • Size market segments/sub-segments and franchise opportunities
  • Catalog drivers and barriers of treatment approaches across patient and MD segments
  • Understand expected treatment evolution and regimen sequencing
The results

Business unit strategy and tactics

  • Provided a rigorous, foundational perspective on current market dynamics and assessed evolving growth opportunities and threats to inform Strategic Imperatives (SIs) at a global and individual market level
  • Led cross-functional “Disease Leadership Team” in aligning on a single source of truth and prioritizing strategic imperatives

Performance guidance and opportunity valuation

  • Provided guidance on the sizing of overall market, sizes of subsegments of particular strategic relevance, and key trends – with a robust, triangulated view of what is happening now a clear picture of how the market is expected to evolve

Alignment and acceleration of other insights projects

  • Systematically tackled the questions of what is happening now and where current and future opportunities lie, setting foundation for relevant deep dives (product and portfolio positioning, new asset/indication opportunity/demand evaluation, customer engagement model strategy)