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Global commercialization blueprint for emerging biotech

The challenge

An emerging biotech sought Putnam’s guidance to design and execute the global commercialization of its asset for a rare oncology indication. As a new entrant into the oncology field, the client did not have prior experience in go-to-market strategy and resourcing required for key customer-facing functions (commercial, access, medical, patient advocacy, digital) and supply chain.

Our solution

Putnam conducted an in-depth “customer-job-to-be-done” analysis and evaluated suitable go-to-market options by mapping the customer jobs and evaluating the activation levers driving adoption, differentiating the “nice to haves” vs. “must haves” taking into account resource constraints, and identifying lean go-to-market approaches.

The results

An optimal go-to-market option was selected, including a step-wise plan to scale up the organization post-launch, and a forecast sensitivity analysis was used to pressure-test the preferred option against internal/external risk factors.

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