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Medical Affairs omnichannel platform

The challenge
  • A large biopharma client objective aimed to optimize its omnichannel (OC) approach for HCP and patient Medical Education. Messaging, infrastructure, and feedback cycles were not fit-for-purpose, resulting in substantial lag time in adjusting messaging
Our solution
  • Incorporating a full year of historical OC data, we conducted a gap analysis of the client’s current Medical Education OC infrastructure and built an end-to-end, iterative approach, including:
    • Robust HCP and patient segmentation
    • Identification of specific behaviors to change through targeted content
    • Channel prioritization by stakeholder segment (e.g., social media, medical content hub)
    • Established KPIs and metrics (e.g., ‘medical voice of the customer’) to quantify behavior change and/ or identify need to iterate messaging or channel
    • Custom built natural-language processing (NLP) model and HCP pulse surveys to rapidly assess effectiveness of OC campaigns
The results
  • Client implemented recommendations and refreshed OC infrastructure, with improvements in identifying target behaviors by segment/ channel and message iteration time