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Michael Lees

Partner, Market Access and Operations Lead

Michael is a Partner in Putnam’s London office and is focused on expanding the market access strategy practice globally.

Michael and his team support clients in developing their market access strategies from early in the product lifecycle through launch and beyond. This includes all elements of market access strategy, from development of value propositions and value messaging to an assessment of evidence gaps and additional evidence needs to price benchmarking and access roadmaps.

Michael has extensive experience in the development of market access strategy and health economics evidence generation (including RWE) and has demonstrated success in working with clients to achieve optimal access outcomes. Michael has led projects across many different therapeutic areas, with expertise in fields including oncology, gastroenterology, neuroscience, rare disease, and cardiovascular disease.

Michael has also published his research in peer-reviewed journals, presented work at multiple international conferences, and led educational initiatives to shape HTA policy.