Eric advises life sciences clients in the areas of new product planning, launch planning, competitive strategy and pricing, reimbursement and market access. His clients include both leading and emerging manufacturers of innovative and established biopharmaceuticals, vaccines, medical devices, clinical diagnostics, and animal health products.

Eric’s specialty is advising on competitive strategy, helping clients to evaluate and identify the critical path to winning in competitive markets and to drive growth in new or developing markets. Eric’s work cuts across internal functional areas, building strategic alignment within organizations around the business case for strategic recommendations, and developing the confidence for cross-functional stakeholders to move forward with conviction.

Eric has led or co-led numerous internal thought-leadership and capability building initiatives around timely industry topics, ranging from loss-of-exclusivity planning to orphan disease payer and market access engagement. Currently he is co-leading an internal initiative to catalog the emerging gene, cell and tissue therapy landscape and the challenges investors, manufacturers and marketing partners will need to overcome in realizing the commercial potential of these important scientific advancements.

Eric currently serves as Chair of Putnam’s Partnership Committee, overseeing firm governance and strategy. Having been with Putnam for nearly 20 years, Eric has helped to drive the growth of its practice areas and build Putnam into the premier life-sciences focused strategy consulting firm it is today. Along the way, he’s benefited from relationships with outstanding and inspiring clients, and had the pleasure of mentoring and witnessing the development of exceptional Putnam colleagues whose talents and dedication have further driven Putnam capability expansion and analytical depth.

Prior to joining Putnam, Eric worked for Bain & Company where he analyzed big transactional data sets to identify profitable growth opportunities for telecom, financial services, and retailing clients. Before Bain, Eric worked in non-profit regional economic development, developing database tools and programs for tracking commercial and industrial real-estate inventory. Eric holds a BA in Economics from Providence College and an MA in International Relations from Boston University, with focus on global industrial policy and regulation.

Eric spends his personal time with his wife and three kids and looks forward to returning home at the end of each day to be greeted unfailingly by his 17-pound jogging buddy, Lincoln. Eric is an avid sports and outdoors enthusiast. He’s coached all three of his kids’ soccer teams, and he also referees the annual family vacation negotiation: ski or beach (he heavily favors skiing). He loves to travel with his family and has an uncanny ability to seek out the most charming coffee shops wherever he goes. As busy as life can be, Eric credits his success and happiness to living by three simple rules,: 1) never let your household run out of ketchup, 2) never settle for inferior coffee, and 3) , true to his French Canadian heritage, absolutely never, ever consume any “maple syrup” that is not 100% pure.

Great jogging buddy – his sniffing around creates lots of opportunities for a breather

Enjoying a recent adventure to the Fjords of Norway

My daughter Lily in the glades – I taught her that!

The good stuff. If you have to squeeze it out of the bottle, it isn't maple syrup.

"The expectations of life depend upon diligence; the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools."
- Confucius

Strategy for the Life Sciences