In today’s world a well-crafted product requires a sound value-driven story backed by articulate evidence and quality data. Putnam has supported a range of clients from venture-backed start-ups to the largest global biopharmaceutical companies in the world to develop actionable data and evidence driven Value, Pricing & Access strategies to meets evolving payer and stakeholder needs. We help clients develop holistic pricing strategies and capabilities that support growth and optimize value. With deep and extensive knowledge of global market access issues, our global Value, Pricing & Access practice supports client teams at all points in the product development lifecycle from discovery through post-launch with:

  • Understanding the Current and Evolving Access Landscape and Stakeholder Perspectives
  • Defining, Substantiating and Communicating Value to Economic Stakeholders
  • Developing Pricing, Contracting, and Access Strategies to Maximize Value
  • Developing and Refining Economic Stakeholder Engagement Strategies and Tools

Underlying our Value Pricing & Access Strategy Guidance is Expertise in Key Disciplines

Deep Experience & Rigorous Strategic Perspective

Drawing on Deep Expertise and Framing Issues from a Strategic Perspective to produce client impact

Primary Market Research With Access Decision Makers

Developing Primary Market Intelligence that Digs Deeper to Unlock Winning Strategies

Advanced Pricing & Access Scenario Modeling Capabilities

Quantifying Complex Tradeoffs and Scenarios to Produce Clarity and Arrive at Optimal Pricing and Contracting Strategies


  • Access landscape assessments and early payer validation
  • Policy landscape and scenario planning
  • Product value story and message development
  • Value message testing
  • Payer/access-focused TPP testing
  • Value dossier strategy and structure
  • Early HTA planning and HTA landscape assessments
  • Evidence development (including HEOR) strategy and planning
  • Market shaping and pre-launch stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Mock P&T and mock HTA exercises
  • Comprehensive access strategy development
  • Cross-indication value message harmonization and prioritization
  • Launch pricing strategies
  • Competitive contracting platform development (Payer, Provider, Channel)
  • Launch tender strategy
  • Launch sequencing/reference price strategy
  • Innovative (e.g., risk-sharing) access strategy evaluation & development
  • Account segmentation, prioritization and message/tactic mapping
  • Negotiation strategy, field playbooks and training tools
  • Customer-facing support strategies (e.g., distribution, HUB support)
  • Lifecycle pricing strategies
  • Value narrative evolution including RWE development and value messaging
  • Guideline and payer coverage expansion
  • Lifecycle contract optimization
  • Targeted account-level contracting strategy
  • National/Local tender strategy
  • Competitive entry defense
  • Loss-of-Exclusivity (LOE) strategies
  • Parallel trade and international reference pricing management

Putnam Case Example

Goals & Strategic Framework
  • An initial set of strategic pricing options and access program levers were developed to guide vetting and information gathering on the drivers and barriers of pricing scenarios
Evidence & Insight
  • Our project utilized a careful review of the contraceptive market landscape, in-depth discussions with multiple payers and quantitative formulary coverage analyses
  • Final strategic pricing and contracting recommendations were made that best balanced patient access to the product and net revenue contribution to the company

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