Our approach to market research emphasizes rigor from start to finish

Our global Market Research practice bring rigorous answers to our clients’ most important questions. We use hypothesis-driven approaches to research design, fielding, and analysis to deliver actionable insights tailored to specific need and market context. Putnam Market Research teams have strong relationships with in-country partners that allow us to support nearly all markets and understand the market specific nuances that impact research fielding and methodological design. Our practice in the area involves:

  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Research
  • Qual / Quant “Hybrid” Research
  • Focus Groups / Panels
  • Asynchronous Data / Opinion Collection
  • Multi-Source Data Synthesis

Supporting our Market Research Strategy is Functional Expertise in Key Disciplines

In-Depth Qualitative Research

Understanding the WHY behind clinical decision making

Rigorous Quantitative Research

Measuring WHAT is happening today and what future scenarios will hold

Synthesis of Multiple Data Sources

Developing a SINGLE TRUTH of market dynamics to support strategy development


  • Rigorous working through of issues affecting the business opportunity – What?, Why?, and How?
  • Pre-thought and alignment on strategic implications of research
  • Not shying away from complexity but using technology and adaptive design to make survey intuitive for physicians
  • Meticulous attention to detail to ensure clarity and specificity
  • Close monitoring of fielding partners to ensure quality and timeliness in respondent recruiting
  • Representative sample creation looking at geography, practice location, practice type and practice characteristics
  • Careful vetting of survey responses prior to analysis
  • Deep analysis that gets to next level insights beyond the top-level cut, e.g., what drives decision making?
  • Drive research and analysis to recommendations and strategic insights that support business decision making
  • Interface with multiple teams, ensure output is plug and play with each key stakeholder group
  • Support dissemination of results and insights to additional client teams to ensure organizational buy-in

Putnam Case Example

Goals & Strategic Framework
  • Putnam worked with the client to review and sharpen KPIs related to patient activation and engagement and aligned to brand objectives
  • A web-based survey was constructed including standard Patient ATU elements and innovative elements related to both emotional journey and information engagement patterns (a proto version of Micro-Moments research)
Evidence & Insight
  • Putnam fielded this research with 360 breast cancer patients in the first wave
  • Analysis provided weighted responses to core KPI questions, deep dive analysis into information engagement patterns, and preliminary sizing of patient activation and engagement opportunities
  • Putnam worked with marketing team to distill the analytics insights into a specific tactical action plan including both patient and HCP facing elements
  • Recommendations led to significant increase in patient pull through
  • Follow-on research waves tracked evolving patient experiences, confirming effectiveness of tactics and yielding further insight on patient activation

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