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Putnam unifies the branding across its expanded teams

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Putnam, a global premier strategy consulting firm for the life sciences industry, is bringing together the combined experience and breadth of offerings from SmartAnalyst, PHMR, and Creativ-Ceutical within the Putnam brand. Aligning these teams under the Putnam brand presents a team of 550+ individuals working together dedicated to helping life sciences companies make better decisions and support them in their missions to bring preventions and treatments to those that need them.

After a period of close collaboration between the four legacy teams, unifying the branding now allows for further building on these efforts to optimize collective expertise, value for their clients, and growth for their team members. Collectively, Putnam is one of the largest global life sciences strategy consulting firms, bringing an unparalleled depth and breadth of commercial and scientific advisory services to its clients.

Putnam is uniquely positioned to provide global, regional, and local support given the geographic distribution of its team, with key offices in Europe (UK, France, and Poland), the US (New York, Boston, and San Francisco), India, Japan, and Tunisia. In addition, Putnam has clusters of team members across major biopharmaceutical markets to ensure in-depth local insights and awareness.

Putnam CEO, Remco op den Kelder shares, “The bringing together of these organizations has been in the making for quite some time. We have all seamlessly collaborated across projects, during which we have been able to observe the benefits of the increased depth and breadth we have been able to offer to our clients. Additionally, with newfound opportunities for collaboration across our teams, each of our organizations is focused on providing our team members with refreshing experiences and growth opportunities.”

Putnam leadership is looking forward to what the future holds as one organization. They are excited to continue to collaborate with their clients to help solve some of their most challenging problems.

PHMR, Creativ-Ceutical, and the RWE/HEOR offering from SmartAnalyst will collectively become the Putnam PHMR team and will provide the technical and scientific offerings of Putnam’s Value Pricing and Access (VPA) practice area. Mark Ratcliffe, the founder of PHMR, will lead the combined scientific and technical offering.

Mark shares, “When PHMR joined with Putnam 18 months ago, it was with one vision in mind, to become part of a best in class, truly scalable global market access company. I am delighted to say that today with the joining of Creativ-Ceutical and SmartAnalyst HEOR/RWE team under the Putnam PHMR banner, we are well on our way to realizing that vision. I would like to take this moment to recognize and congratulate both Eric and Remco for making this possible as well as the broader Inizio leadership for their ambition and unfailing support.”

The Putnam PHMR team will be part of the overall Putnam Value, Pricing, and Access (VPA) practice, led by Eric Auger. By bringing together the full set of VPA capabilities, Putnam has a unique offering in the market, delivering seamless integration of strategy, scientific, and technical capabilities.

“With the joining these four teams, Putnam’s VPA practice now provides global scale, a world class scientific and technical team to support value demonstration and HTA success, and a world class strategy team to help clients assess opportunities and challenges and navigate healthcare systems, stakeholders, and incentives to maximize patient access and value capture” (Eric Auger).

SmartAnalyst’s early pipeline strategy consulting offering has integrated with the Putnam Commercial practice area led by Matt Riordan. The addition of SmartAnalyst significantly expands Putnam’s pre-clinical and early-stage development services and complements Putnam’s depth of expertise in launch planning and established products.

Matt adds, “The addition of SmartAnalyst brings a team with a unique depth of scientific and technical expertise that complements our existing early pipeline and portfolio strategy practices, deepening our ability to be a strategic partner of choice to clients ranging from emerging biotechs to large pharma, as well as leading VC and PE funds focused on the life sciences. Most importantly, our new colleagues from SmartAnalyst share Putnam’s passion for using our scientific, clinical, and commercial strategy expertise to support the development and delivery of therapeutics that advance human health.”

For over 30 years, the firm has served a range of life sciences clients and developed relationships with the top biopharmaceutical companies helping to shape strategies and supporting them at every stage of the product and franchise lifecycle. They bring a unique strategic lens to analytical services and data-driven insights making them experts at solving problems. Their expanded capabilities and expanded bench of subject matter experts will allow them to increasingly support complex client challenges.

Putnam will be updating some of their external digital properties over the next few months to further reflect these changes. Their leadership shares that continuing to develop their talented team and deepen client relationships are both important to their strategy. They want their clients to know that their existing project work and relationships remain their utmost priority.

About Putnam

Putnam, an Inizio Advisory Company, is a premier strategic consulting partner for pharmaceutical and life science companies. We offer an unparalleled depth and breadth of advisory service expertise combined with scientific and technical capabilities to help our clients solve their most complex challenges and advise on the commercialization of life-changing therapies bringing preventions and treatments to those that need them.