Home Insights Putnam announces Summer promotions, including Alex Busch to Partner

Putnam announces Summer promotions, including Alex Busch to Partner

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July 1, 2021 Boston, MA; San Francisco, CA; New York, NY; London, UK-

We are thrilled to announce recent promotions throughout the firm including Scott Briggs and Tommy Marder to Manager; Aidan Cassidy, Decklan Cerza, Samantha Chanko, Danielle Cole, Apoorva Dixit, Hayden Gruber, Alexandra Hecht, Ethan Johnson, PJ Sachdev, Bradley Smertz and Jazil Waris to Consultant; along with Austin Bailey, Trisha Bhatia, Jacqueline Comiter, Ben Derleth, Josh Hansan, Alexus Jones, Jack Kaspar, Neil Krishnan, Julia Olsen, Amalia Roth, Maggie Seitter, Madiha Shafquat, Jamie Swotes, Luke Tortora, Alisha Yan, and Lance Yassay to Senior Associate Consultant.

We are also especially excited to announce the promotion of Alex Busch to Partner in our Boston office. Alex has worked with a diverse global and start-up pharmaceutical, biotechnology, surgical device, and diagnostics clientele across product life cycle and functional areas including early-stage and in-line commercial, pricing and market access, and business analytics. Recent TA experience includes oncology (solid and hematological malignancies; targeted therapies, immuno-oncology, and CAR-T), benign hematology, allergy/immunology, respiratory medicine, autoimmune diseases, vaccine-preventable disease, neurodegenerative conditions, sleep disorders, diagnostics, connected surgical devices, and women’s health.

He brings experience in sizing orphan disease markets, analyzing clinical data and competitive intelligence from both scientific and commercial lenses, and assessing market opportunities, commercialization, and access strategies using qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Alex joined Putnam after receiving his Ph.D. in Experimental and Molecular Medicine from Dartmouth.  Prior to joining Putnam, he published research in pharmacology and oncology and presented at international oncology conferences on research, particularly in lung cancer.  Alex previously received a B.S. in Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.