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Putnam Pride: Employee Community Feature

September 15, 2016
Community News

An Interview with Jingnan Lu
Life Sciences Consultant, Putnam & Ambassador, New England Aquarium

Describe your volunteer work at the Aquarium

I volunteer at the New England Aquarium as a visitor educator every Sunday.  My role as an ambassador of the Aquarium is to engage visitors of various age and background in conversations, presentations, and activities on marine lives.

What made you choose the Aquarium?

I have always been fascinated by the ocean and the lives it supports. The Aquarium is my favorite place to visit in the city.  Additionally, my PhD is on making novel biodegradable plastics and renewable energy from carbon dioxide.  The ocean is the largest sink of carbon dioxide and has been heavily populated by plastic wastes.  Although I am no longer working in the field of renewable resources, I still care and am passionate about finding solutions.  The Aquarium is a perfect place for me to teach and interact with people, sharing my passion and what I have learned about renewable resources etc.  While in college and graduate school, I was involved in many outreach programs with similar mission as the Aquarium, so it’s a perfect fit.

What do you enjoy the most about volunteering at the Aquarium?

Learning and experiencing*something new every time I’m at the Aquarium and watching kids’ reaction when they have learned something cool from me or touched a shark for the first time.  I enjoy learning and interact with people, so knowing that I have made a difference, even as small as making someone smile through their visit to the aquarium.

What would you like people to know about the Aquarium or the volunteer opportunities there?

If you are an enthusiastic person, interested in marine animals and interacting with people, please join us.  We always need volunteers.  Even if you can’t help, remember through your everyday actions of using reusable water bottles and recycles, you are helping us.

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