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Putnam Pride: Employee Community Feature

May 23, 2017
Community News

An Interview with June Park 
Associate Consultant, Putnam & Member of Longwood Symphony

Describe your involvement with the Longwood Symphony?
I play the violin with Longwood Symphony – I joined this year after hearing about the orchestra of healthcare professionals. We have several concerts throughout the season and we have rehearsals once a week in the evenings on weeks leading up to the concerts.

What made you choose Longwood Symphony?
I chose Longwood Symphony Orchestra because it is a musical community that also shares my values in healthcare and service. Each concert, we raise funds and awareness for Boston-based nonprofit organizations that aid the medically underserved. We also do community outreach work by playing chamber music for patients/seniors who cannot make it to concert halls.

Tell us about playing at the Youville?
Occasionally, I play the violin at Youville, an assisted living space for seniors in Cambridge. It first started when I joined Ribotones at MIT, which is a student group that organizes community outreach concerts. I really enjoy playing for the residents at Youville, because the residents often have great stories to tell and are some of the most attentive and kind audiences.

What have you enjoyed the most? Or what was one of your favorite experiences?
Once I started playing  “Singing in the Rain” at Youville and some of the ladies in the front started singing along and clapping, so we invited them to the stage and we all had a great time. It was great to see music bring so much energy and excitement to them. I think moments like that – where I can bring music to those who normally can’t access it easily and be lucky enough to have such fun audiences.  It makes all my musical endeavors worthwhile and enjoyable.

I think I’m really lucky to be able to continue playing the violin while working as an Associate Consultant. Some people have music as a career but since I want to work in the healthcare industry that wasn’t an option. My managers at Putnam have been really supportive of me having a mini music career outside of casework. Many thanks to all my case teams!

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