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Indirect treatment comparison (ITC) to generate comparative effectiveness evidence

The challenge

A company was approaching the European market with evidence from a placebo-controlled RCT, but with several established competitors in these markets comparative effectiveness evidence against competitors was required to support HTA activities.

Our solution

Through our feasibility assessment, we reviewed the outputs of a systematic literature review to determine what analyses could be carried out to generate robust, indirect evidence of comparative effectiveness. A network-meta analysis (NMA) was deemed feasible (these analyses utilize common comparator arms across RCTs to generate results commonly accepted by HTA bodies).

We executed on the recommended analyses and delivered comparative effectiveness results which were used to support economic modeling and related HTA submissions in England. Our analyses were accepted by the UK HTA body (NICE) and formed a key component of our client’s successful NICE submission.

The results

We carried out adaptations and sensitivity analyses to meet the needs of other markets including Germany, Ireland, and Portugal. Our follow up analyses formed a key part of subsequent HTA submissions, and we are currently developing a manuscript reporting the findings.