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Designing a lean launch strategy and GTM model

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The challenge

A global, top-10 pharma client sought Putnam’s guidance on developing a lean launch strategy for a novel cell therapy in oncology and how to best engage with customers given the small footprint of hospitals certified to administer cell therapy.

Our solution

Putnam developed a robust launch plan aligned to key launch objectives. Putnam’s lean go-to-market strategy optimized balance between personal promotion and digital strategy. Through studying suitable analogs and following launch best practices, detailed plans for engaging healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients, as well as providing a go-to-market design, budget, and sizing for all customer facing roles.

The results

Our lean, go-to-market strategy provided the client an optimized balance between personal and non-personal promotion, allowing the client to adequately forecast, allocate resourcing, and identify “jobs to be done” pre- and post-launch.

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