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Adam Gibson

Director, HEOR

In his role at Putnam, Adam leads and contributes to a range of research projects in health valuation, utility measurement, analysis of outcomes data, development of patient-reported outcome measures, and psychometric testing. Adam holds valuable knowledge of measure development and design, clinical outcomes, and HTA methods and processes, including a strong, in-depth knowledge of qualitative methodologies and analyses involving primary data collection with clinicians, patients, and caregivers.

Adam is practiced in designing and performing mixed-methods research to examine caregiver burden, as well as disease impacts and patient experiences within oncology. Adam has also led and supported research projects involving health valuation and the design, development, and validation of measurement tools. Experienced in a range of therapeutic areas including hematology and oncology (both rare and prevalent cancers); dermatology; musculoskeletal and rare diseases; respiratory illness; autoimmune conditions; allergy; hepatology; psychological and mood disorders; sleep disorders; ophthalmology; methodological studies.

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