Successfully bringing a new product to market requires a comprehensive understanding of the clinical landscape to achieve commercial success. This is especially true for novel products and complex or dynamic therapeutic areas. Our New Product Strategy practice brings an interdisciplinary approach and a strategic mindset to support clients in making optimal decisions as products advance through the clinical towards market approval and commercialization.

  • Understanding full market opportunity including key decision stakeholders and the roles they play to provide treatment to patients
  • Product positioning and clinical differentiation
  • Registrational trial design
  • Go-to market model development and engagement
  • Launching KPI identification and tracking
  • Planning for diagnostics, combination therapies, and other enablers

Supporting Our New Product Strategy is Functional Expertise in Key Areas

Clinical & Scientific Expertise

Understanding the HOW related to clinical asset positioning

Primary Market Research

Investigating the WHY around customer decision making

Patient Opportunity & Forecast Modeling

Quantifying the IMPACT on business opportunity


  • Market sizing / landscape assessment
  • Patient journeys (quant and qual)
  • Patient flow / opportunity mapping
  • Comprehensive buying process
  • Initial demand / conjoint studies
  • Clinical development strategy (evidence requirements, go/no-go decision support)
  • Product positioning and clinical value story/differentiation development
  • Center of excellence profiling
  • Companion diagnostic strategies
  • Launch plan development
  • Rigorous demand assessments and product uptake estimation
  • KPI identification, ongoing KPI tracking through launch
  • Forecasting and simulation modeling
  • Account, physician, and patient segmentation definition and engagement strategy
  • Early post-launch 360° performance assessment and optimization plan
  • Market modeling and forecasting
  • Strategic simulations (“war games”)

Putnam Case Study

Goals & Strategic Framework
  • Our team led strategic options/needs discussions with a cross functional client team comprising medical, clinical, commercial, and market access team members
  • Four prioritized clinical development pathways were mapped, identifying potential placement of our client’s asset in the treatment paradigm
  • The novel treatment delivery process was diagrammed to identify the full suite of stakeholder touchpoints and support needs in a commercial environment
Evidence & Insight
  • Initial desk research covered clinical literature, medical guidelines, epidemiological database analysis, and competitor/pipeline assessments
  • Qualitative research followed covering both expert and community-based oncologists
  • Quantitative research programs were used to quantify market opportunities, requirements for success and HCP/patient support needs across markets
  • Opportunity modeling, covering potential product and competitor outcomes was done to compare development paths
  • Clinical strategy ended up deprioritizing original lead indication to pursue two higher need (and higher risk) indications
  • Commercial development strategy required a wholesale shift in customer engagement model resulting in the creation of a new commercial business unit
  • Ultimately our client successfully launched a first-in-class product accompanied by a completely re-worked commercial engagement model

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