A pioneer in CGT strategy with experience with key leaders in the field, Putnam has had a dedicated practice in this space since 2013. Our practice has covered 17 unique disease areas including hematologic malignancies (DLBCL, ALL, MM, FL), solid tumors, neurology, ophthalmology, cardiology, and benign blood disorders. Putnam’s in-house panel of CGT experts provides our teams with unfettered access to high-level KOLs, clinicians, and key administrative decision-makers (CMOs, SVPs, CFOs) at leading US medical centers. Our robust experience and industry leading breadth and depth across client types, diseases areas and technologies within this space allows us to support a wide array of CGT specific engagements:

  • Commercial Opportunity Assessment
  • Market Access & Pricing Strategy
  • Business Development & Portfolio Planning
  • Operations Customer Experience

When it comes to cell and gene therapy, Putnam knows…

Who to Talk to

Putnam’s research does not stop with HCPs. We understand the importance and influence of stakeholders across the CGT ecosystem

Recent Putnam CGT research samples have included :

  • Disease therapy experts
  • CAR-T / gene therapy experts
  • Nurse navigators
  • Program administrators
  • Hospital CFOs decision makers
  • Lab Directors / Technicians
  • IT decision makers and system end-users
  • Billing specialists
  • Patient support specialists

How to Find Them

Putnam has the right tools in our research “toolbox” and we know the right time to use each one

When it comes to data collection, we can turn to:

  • Our roster of 20+ third-party sample partners (each with their own strengths)
  • Our general internal panel of HCPs, Payers, and other
  • Our specialized CGT focused panel of high-level KOLs that were selected specifically for their experience in the field
  • Technologies that allow us to find and reach new stakeholders

How to Talk to Them

Putnam’s consultant possess a rich understanding of the CGT space, allowing them to hold deeper and more engaging conversations with CGT experts

Our expertise in the space also gives us a greater ability to identify and probe into those small details that firms with less experience in the CGT space may miss


  • Market and Opportunity Assessments
  • Site Selection / Center Profiling, Demand Estimation &
  • Adoption Strategy
  • Asset and Franchise Forecasting
  • Product Positioning
  • Commercial Readiness / Launch Strategy
  • Market Segmentation and Tracking
  • Pricing & Market Access Strategy
  • Value Proposition Development
  • Institutional Economics and Protocol Assessments
  • Payment Model Development
  • Distribution Strategy
  • Disease and Indication Prioritization
  • Scientific Landscape Evolution
  • Long-term Portfolio Planning and Co-positioning
  • TA Scan and Pipeline Assessment
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Referral Dynamics and Barriers
  • Customer Support Benchmarking and Pain Points
  • Treatment Site Capacity / Throughput Assessment
  • KOL Identification and Engagement
  • Customer Experience Monitoring

Putnam Case Example

Goals & Strategic Framework
  • Mapped current treatment paradigm in detail
Evidence & Insight
  • Quantified physicians’ peak preference shares for using CART at points in the treatment paradigm
  • Evaluated physicians’ perception of specific profile attributes relative to competitor options
  • Studied anticipated referral patterns, identifying specific hurdles to capturing opportunities

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