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On the cutting-edge of customer engagement.

Innovative strategies for launch success.

How is today’s evolving healthcare ecosystem impacting the commercial success of your innovations? With the evolving healthcare system in Europe and beyond, Putnam is helping our clients understand their complex ecosystem to re-think cross-functional customer engagement, maximize competitiveness, and drive frontline innovation.

Pursue “zero distance to customers”.

Place the customer at the heart of the organization and become more agile and responsive to the customer’s requests and needs.

Solving your complex challenges.

We’ll help you adapt to change by rethinking critical questions across the healthcare ecosystem.

  • Who are the key stakeholders within local healthcare ecosystems and how do they influence the access and adoption of new medicines as an individual or as a collective organization?
  • What are the key jobs that customers are looking for and how do they change across disease area archetypes, if at all?
  • What impact do these key stakeholders have on the patient journey?
  • How can pharma companies map the dynamics of local healthcare ecosystems and measure the ecosystem IQ of their organization?
  • What transformation is needed to align with the key jobs sought out by customers and capture the full value of novel medicines?
  • What are the key areas of interventions in reshaping the organization (including frontline and back-office) to meet these needs and the critical points of investment? How do they vary across asset archetypes?