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We’re a proud sponsor and exhibitor at this November’s ISPOR Europe in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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You can find our exhibition space at C2-011. Check out the ISPOR conference map.


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Sponsored educational symposium

Proud to partner with AstraZeneca and Daiichi-Sankyo on an educational symposium.

The poster titles you might want to visit.

Don’t miss out on the poster sessions throughout the duration of the conference for a chance to view some of our recent work across a range of topics.

Here are some of our titles

  1. How immunotherapies have altered the future of cancer treatment: Patients living longer, healthier lives.
  2. Carer burden: Is HTA helping or harming the gender health gap?
  3. Utilisation of RWE in HTA appraisals in England, Scotland, Germany and France.
  4. The use of qualitative methods in the NICE HST deliberative process.
  5. The impact of the disease severity modifier on NICE technology appraisal decisions.
  6. Natural language processing to support the abstract selection during systematic literature review.
  7. Comparisons of economic evaluation guidelines between Japan and six countries (England, France, Germany, Sweden, Canada, and Australia).
  8. Retrospective analysis of the French early access experience following the 2021 reform.
  9. EUnetHTA’s HTA Core Model®: A critical assessment and future outlook.
  10. Review of HTA evaluation for gene therapies and their future implications in Europe.
  11. Reimbursement of CAR-T cell therapies in Europe: Key challenges from precedents and lessons for future.
  12. Evolution of timeframes within the overall time-to-market since marketing authorisation for new innovative-presumed products in France since the first published economic opinion.
  13. CAR-T cell therapies pathway: Evolution of management and of costing methodology in the French cost-effectiveness analyses (CEA) landscape.
  14. Impact of the 2020 update of the French HAS guidelines for economic evaluation on the economic opinions issued by the Economic Evaluation and Public Health Committee (CEESP).
  15. Recent advances in voluntary European cross-border collaborations in joint HTA and drug pricing/procurement.
  16. The role of EUnetHTA 21 in promoting patients’ engagement.
  17. A comparison of the UK and Australian interim value sets for the Weight-Specific Adolescent Instrument for Economic Evaluation (WAItE).
  18. Evolution of French efficiency opinions published by the Economic Evaluation and Public Health Committee (CEESP) in oncology.
  19. Evolution of French economic opinions published by the Economic Evaluation and Public Health Committee (CEESP).
  20. Analysis of the impact of early access decisions on pricing and reimbursement decisions in France.
  21. Health technology assessment requirements: Sensitive to bacteriophage products or too resistant to change?

About the sponsored educational symposium.

Putnam is partnering with AstraZeneca and Daiichi-Sankyo, who are sponsoring an educational symposium: ‘Is there any hope for the Value of Hope?’

The expert panel will include:

  • Moderator, Louise Longworth, PhD, Putnam
  • Meindert Boysen, PharmD, NICE
  • Lou Garrison, PhD, University of Washington
  • James Ryan, MSc, AstraZeneca
  • and Bettina Ryll, MD, PhD, Melanoma Patient Network Europe

Join us in this informative session to learn more about The Value of Hope.

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