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The Burden of Hospitalizations for COVID-19 in France: A study of all cases in the national insurance claims database in 2020

By Claire Leboucher, Cécile Blein, Valérie Machuron, Kelly Benyounes, Katell Le lay, Aurélie Millier, Romain Supiot, and François Raffi

January 23, 2023
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Our Putnam PHMR colleagues delivered an in-depth analysis on the burden of patient hospitalizations in France as a result of COVID-19. The study population consisted of all patients hospitalized in 2020 – assessing healthcare resource consumption in the hospital setting through the French national health insurance claims database. The article is featured in the Journal of Market Access & Health Policy.

Abstract Summary

BACKGROUND: The economic consequences of the recent COVID-19 pandemic were substantial. However, direct medical costs in France have not been determined.

OBJECTIVE: To describe patient characteristics, intensity of care, mortality, and direct medical costs in patients hospitalized for COVID-19 infections in France.

STUDY DESIGN: A retrospective study of the French national hospital claims database for 2020.

SETTING: Hospital care.

PATIENTS OR OTHER PARTICIPANTS: All patients hospitalized for COVID-19 in 2020 were included and classified by hospitalization duration into acute phase and prolonged COVID-19.

INTERVENTION: Stratification by intensity of care (Level 1: no or low-flow oxygen support; Level 2: non-invasive ventilation; Level 3: mechanical ventilation).

MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE: Cost of hospital care in 2020 Euros from a payer perspective.

RESULTS: 199,455 patients were hospitalized for COVID-19 in France in 2020. 17,824 patients (8.9%) received mechanical ventilation and 32,602 patients (16.3%) died. Mean per patient cost was €5,510 ± 7,142. This cost was highest in patients receiving Level 3 care, patients aged >80 years and in those with prolonged COVID.

CONCLUSION: The economic burden of hospitalizations for COVID-19 infections in France during 2020 was substantial. The study provides robust baseline data to benchmark advances in the standard of care and to nurture epidemiological models.

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