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Alexander Busch Promoted to Principal

July 14, 2019
Firm News

Putnam is pleased to announce the promotion of Alex Busch to Principal

“Alex joined Putnam in the pilot year of our Ph.D. hiring program, and his quiet and selfless determination has not only led to his own success but has helped pave the way for many others entering Putnam through this pathway,” said Eric Auger, Partner at Putnam Associates.  “Alex has great intellectual capabilities, mastering difficult problems and complex subject matter for his clients.   However, even more impressive is the clarity, competence, and grace with which he manages his project teams and provides service to his clients.  We congratulate him on this impressive promotion and look forward to his very bright future with the firm.”

Alex has worked with a diverse global and start-up pharmaceutical, biotechnology, surgical device, and diagnostics clientele across product life cycle and functional areas including early-stage and in-line commercial, pricing and market access, and business analytics.  Recent TA experience includes oncology (solid and hematological malignancies; targeted therapies, immuno-oncology, and CAR-T), benign hematology, allergy/immunology, respiratory medicine, autoimmune diseases, vaccine-preventable disease, neurodegenerative conditions, sleep disorders, diagnostics, connected surgical devices, and women’s health.

He brings experience in sizing orphan disease markets, analyzing clinical data and competitive intelligence from both scientific and commercial lenses, and assessing market opportunities, commercialization, and access strategies using qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Alex joined Putnam after receiving his Ph.D. in Experimental and Molecular Medicine from Dartmouth.  Prior to joining Putnam, he published research in pharmacology and oncology and presented at international oncology conferences on research, particularly in lung cancer.  Alex previously received a B.S. in Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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