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Alex Busch Speaks at Dartmouth’s Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies

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Alex Busch, Manager, recently spoke to graduate students at Dartmouth about life sciences strategy consulting as a career option for Ph.D.’s in the sciences, as well as master’s candidates.

As part of the discussion, Alex identified what is unique about life sciences consulting as a career path versus other types of consulting or business-focused alternative careers.  Other topics included:

  • A day in the life of a consultant
  • Traits of successful consultants coming from graduate programs
  • A consulting firm’s typical recruiting process
  • Building a successful resume and cover letter
  • Resources available to learn more about the career path

The discussion also included an introduction to the Path to Putnam program.  The program is a 3-day introduction for potential Ph.D. candidates to get a snapshot into the life of a Life Sciences Consultant. In the Path to Putnam program, candidates will gain hands-on experience in the skills required to conduct complex quantitative and qualitative research and commercial analysis.   To learn more about this program, contact Emily Fiorito.

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