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  • I work at the interface of clients, partners, and the analytical team, managing all of the work that goes into bringing our clients the most bulletproof deliverables possible. The best part of working here is the opportunity to join teams with so many dedicated, whip-smart professionals solving very demanding problems every day.

    Alex Busch

  • My work at Putnam allows me dovetail my scientific and technical expertise with my business acumen. Additionally, Putnam takes a rigorous approach to problem solving and tackles complex and challenging problems that impact the global healthcare industry.

    Kristen Moffat

  • I recently rejoined Putnam as a Manager in the San Francisco office.  It is an exciting opportunity to help grow the new office and work with our west coast clients

    Sean O’Malley

  • 91% of Putnam employees have worked on a case looking at global markets


  • My projects at Putnam dig deeply at the science of many of the biggest drugs, and then pivots into identifying or analyzing for business opportunities within the context of the science.

    Gan Tan

  • My role entails project and team management, frequent client contact and presentation of deliverables. Heading into my 5th year at Putnam, I continue to feel challenged and engaged. No two projects are the same.

    Ryan Wyrtzen

  • Putnam has served 14 of the top 20 global biopharmaceutical companies since 2010


  • I work with the partners, team, and clients to draw insights from primary and secondary data and provide strategies for supporting clinical and commercial development of pharmaceutical products.

    Whitney Amyot

    Sr. Consultant
  • At Putnam, we get to collaboratively structure and solve challenging business problems for diverse brands. I enjoy the process of understanding the unique intricacies of the market landscape, uncovering insights from physician interviews, and conducting data analysis to generate meaningful recommendations for our clients.

    Rashmi Kamath

    Sr. Consultant
  • At Putnam, I have served pharmaceutical clients across a wide range of therapeutic areas, including hematology, oncology, and women’s health, with a recent focus in vaccine forecasting and development strategy.

    Jung Lee

    Sr. Consultant
  • I enjoy the people I work with. Everyone brings a different style and essence to the team and watching it all come together is rewarding and fun

    Archana Murali

    Sr. Consultant
  • With Putnam,  I am able to work on the cutting edge of the life sciences industry by helping to bring products to market and by supporting companies in navigating an ever-changing environment.  For me, Putnam has been a great place to develop my business acumen while working in a field that I am passionate about.

    Ben Roosz

    Sr. Consultant
  • The role of life sciences consultant is very exciting because it allows me to take on a wide range of different responsibilities. My role ranges from performing in-depth data analysis, to helping develop hypotheses and storylines for the overall project, to manage the workstreams of newer members of the team.

    Yuanfei Wang

    SR. Consultant
  • I value the experiences and opportunities I have had at Putnam and believe that the smart, motivated, and supportive colleagues and diverse project types make Putnam a really fantastic company to work for, learn from, and have fun with.

    Jingnan Lu

  • Since 2000, more than 1/4 of Putnam Associates who have gone on to MBAs have attended HBS


  • At Putnam, my role varies by project – but deep strategic analysis, laser focus on our clients’ goals, and sharp yet down-to-earth colleagues are all constants.

    Colleen Sadin

  • Putnam has given me an incredible opportunity to navigate some of the most interesting challenges in the healthcare space while working alongside smart, diligent colleagues. I’ve been able to leverage my deep background in basic science and knowledge of business to tackle challenging problems across different therapeutic areas.

    Vinay Ramabhadran

  • As a former bench scientist, I find it exciting to work on projects that involve cutting-edge technologies and breakthrough therapies that have a direct clinical impact. I am able to leverage my research expertise by providing scientific and analytical insight into the development of business strategies that help our clients tackle challenging problems.

    Joanna Rys

  • As a Life Sciences Consultant at Putnam, I work to solve problems for the healthcare industry.It is fantastic to be surrounded by a group of brilliant people, to pick up new knowledge on a daily basis, and to make an immediate impact on the real-world business.

    Serena Shen

  • Putnam was founded in 1988


  • Following my research in spine mechanics, my experiences at Putnam have enabled me to work across a range of therapeutic areas and provide clients with strategic guidance through the entire product life cycle. I am proud to be part of Putnam because of its commitment to addressing a variety of challenging projects in life sciences.

    Jonathon Yoder

  • 77% of Putnam projects are serving clients who have trusted us with important projects 5 + years


  • At Putnam, I use my biomedical research expertise and business proficiency to develop strategies and roadmaps for challenges faced by major players in global healthcare. Under less than a year at Putnam, I have worked on variety of projects including market access and commercialization, value demonstration, primary market research and market share forecasting.  

    Anmol Grover

    Life Sciences Consultant
  • Putnam Partners average 15 years of industry experience


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