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Path to Putnam Information Session at Harvard

April 24, 2017
Recruiting Events

Putnam will be hosting an information session on the recently launched Path to Putnam program.  ​The program is a 3-day introduction for potential candidates to get a snap shot into the life of a Life Sciences Consultant. The program is open to candidates in pursuit of a PhD or who are in a Post-Doc position at Harvard, MIT, BU, BC, Tufts, and Dartmouth who have demonstrated excellence and leadership and are interested in exploring the business aspects of science and consulting.   In the Path to Putnam program, candidates will gain hands-on experience in the skills required to conduct complex quantitative and qualitative research and commercial analysis.  Under the guidance of a Putnam Life Sciences Consultant and a team of other Path to Putnam members, participants will break down a realistic commercial strategy problem and present a synthesized recommendation to Putnam partners and consultants.  To learn more, contact Emily Fiorito.

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Date:  April 24th
Time:  6PM
Location:  Harvard University, Cannon Room (#114), Building C,240 Longwood Ave Boston

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